Vampire-themed Food Recipes for a True Blood Halloween Party

True Blood Halloween party

Are you planning to have a True Blood Halloween party this year? True Blood is extremely hot this year, especially for Halloween costumes. The first thing for a True Blood-themed Halloween party would be to invite all your guests to dress up like vampires or their favorite True Blood character. Then think of what kind of vampire food you want your friends and family to sink their teeth into. What kind of food would I have at a vampire or True Blood Halloween party?

You need to think of food items that represent a vampire, that are bloody, spooky, red, and non-garlic. Vampires hate anything with garlic. The food can be simple or outrageous it all depends how far you are willing to go. For simple desert, you make a Red Velvet cake with white icing and drizzle red cherry juice on top; Vampire Cherry Goulash, which is a simple and healthy vampire treat; or make red lip-shaped cookies and add fangs by using white cream cheese.

To make a quick and easy red velvet cake for your True Blood party you can read my article called ”Serve Dad a Cherry Red Mustang for Father’s Day.” This red velvet recipe is simple yet delicious. The only thing you would need to do is add the cherry juice on top. Another creative idea is to smash up cherries and place them all over the cake to give it more of a vampire ghoulish look.

To make the Vampire Cherry Goulash you will need a bucket of cherries (no pits), non-stick cake pan, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, red food coloring, and a blender.

Directions- Prepare the cherries. Wash them and thoroughly dry them. Then place the cherries into a blender on medium speed. Allow the cherries to get smashed and goopy looking. This process should only take 3-4 minutes. Pour the cherries out of the blender into a non-stick cooking pan. Fill the pan up. Now place the pan into the freezer. Leave the pan in the freezer for only 15 minutes. This is just enough time to get the cherries hard. Take them out of the freezer. Use a spatula and loosen the cherries up a little. For each person put some cherry goulash, scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and few drops of red food coloring. Then you can add some chocolate on top if desired. This is a very delicious snack that my grandmother used to make, only she called it simply Cherry Goulash. I added the "Vampire" to it, because it is bright red and goopy looking.  And maybe we shouldmake the "goulash" more like "Ghoul-ash."

Other vampire foods you can make are black chicken wings, black popcorn balls, blood pudding, vampire dip, or white and red cupcakes that bleed. To make your True Blood Halloween party a huge success, just use your creativity. Any food can turn into vampire food with a few easy adjustments. For your vampire food, you will need lots of red food coloring, and black food coloring.

Quick tip: If making the black popcorn balls make sure not to overload on the food coloring. For one mixture of popcorn balls, it should only take 3 drops of black food dye. After the popcorn balls are made, you can drip some red from the top of each ball. Another fun thing to do with the black popcorn balls is to add gummy worms inside each one. For a vampire/True Blood theme, I suggest using the red and black gummy worms. Before the popcorn balls have completely cooled, stick a worm inside each ball.


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