"True Beauty" 2010 "Face of Vegas": One "True Beauty" Star Hidden in "Face of Vegas" Season

"True Beauty" 2010 "Face of Vegas" will have one major star hidden during the show. Learn who won't be seen on "True Beauty" but truly behind-the-scenes.

"True Beauty" 2010 is about the new "Face of Vegas" for season 2 and one major star will be hidden during the show.  TV Grapevine had the latest on the hidden star of "True Beauty." The reality show will judge five men and five women based on their inner and outer beauty.  The contestants believe they will be judged solely on their outer beauty through a series of moral challenges, not realizing their every move is being recorded 24 hours a day.  Who is the star hidden in season 2 of "True Beauty" as contestants compete to be the next "Face of Vegas"?

Vanessa Minnillo, who hosted the first season of "True Beauty" in 2009, will remain behind-the-scenes as two new judges, Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) and Beth Ostroksky Stern (model/host/actress) run the show for "Face of Vegas."  Minnillo will be in the spyroom throughout the show and monitor the contestants' actions and behaviors.  She will also be part of the "True Beauty" elimination process.

"It's completely different from season one, but yet still the same," Vanessa Minnillo says. "Obviously I had a bigger role in season one, and that role has to change.  It's kind of like, 'punk'd.' If they were to see me they'd know the gig is up, so I have to be hidden."

One of the three judges for "True Beauty," Carson Kressley, said Vanessa Minnillo was "sequestered like an OJ jurer, for like months." 

It had to be quite a job for the "True Beauty" star and host to remain undiscovered. "I'm not staying in the same hotel or casino, I am completely away from everybody," Minnillo continued.  "It's very funny to have umbrellas and, like, we have code words. I'm this person or that person and running through Vegas as somebody else is fun. It's all because we have to get their initial reaction to what we want to get out of the show, which is truly finding inner beauty."

The contestants believe Kressley and Ostrosky are the only two judges on "True Beauty" for the pursuit of being the "Face of Vegas."

Although Vanessa Minnillo is not seen by the contestants during the beauty challenges, she's very much a part of the reality show.

The "True Beauty" star says, "I'm behind-the-scenes. I tell you, the viewer, what's going on, welcome back to season 2, let's see what's up-let's get closer!" 

"True Beauty" 2010 "Face of Vegas," will still have the control room, judge deliberation sessions, and collectively do the elimination scenes. The reaction of contestants seeing Vanessa Minnillo at the end will be worth watching.  They will either be very happy or terrified, knowing their actions on the show were less than respectful.

Although "Face of Vegas" contestants of "True Beauty" are judged on charisma, poise, smiles, and other physical attributes, the "True Beauty" cast is evaluated on their inner self as a person.  Not only are countless cameras hidden and recording the contestants' moves 24 hours a day, but the main "True Beauty" star is hidden as well, which bodes for even more entertainment.

"True Beauty is produced by Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher, putting their own spin on what beauty is. Contestants believe they are being judged on outer beauty to be "True Beauty's" next "Face of Vegas" when they are actually competing for $100,000 cash and a feature in People magazine.

"True Beauty" 2010 "Face of Vegas" premieres May 31 Monday at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

Source:  TVGrapevine.com

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