Top 15 Grossing R Rated Movies Of All Time

List of the top 15 grossing R rated movies of all time.

I admit it. I was curious. I thought you might be curious as well. So, here it is. The top 15 “R” rated movies of all time.

No. 1 is (hold your breath) The Passion of the Christ from New Market in 2004. This movie has grossed so far overall a mere $370,372,930 million dollars. Best, there is no sex in this R rated movie.

Even the pope has seen this one.

No. 2 is The Matrix Reloaded from Warner Brothers in 2003. It has taken in a mere 281,576,461, way behind No. 1. I think I saw this one. I always start out re-watching The Matrix and then I fall asleep somewhere along the way. I hear it is good.

No. 3 is a newbie, The Hangover, from Warner Brothers in 2009. This movie took in $277,322,503. I haven't seen this movie (I think my church condemned it) but I hear it is about a bachelor party gone wrong. For some reason, I didn't go to my husband's bachelor party.

No. 4 is Beverly Hills Cop, the original from Paramount in 1984. It has taken in $234,760,478. This is a good, but a bit violent movie. I think Paramount could still make some bucks by replaying this in the theaters again.

No. 5 is The Exorcist, the original, released in 1973 by Warner Brothers and made $232,671,011. I expect one day it will become No. 4. I never got this movie. I don't know, maybe because I grew up Catholic, but would you expect the devil to do good things? Anyway, despite this movie, the Church still has an office for exorcisms.

No. 6 is Saving Private Ryan from Dreamworks in 1998 and has make $216,540,909. Didn't see this one either, but I caught a glimpse on television this weekend. The Army is a unique institution.

No. 7 is 300 by Warner Brothers from 2007. This movie made $210,614,939. I haven't seen this one either. I know the history of the battle. It doesn't go very well for the 300. We don't know their names, but we know how many were there. Strange.

No. 8 is Wedding Crashers from New Line in 2005. This movie made $209,255,921. It's about two guys who crash weddings to pick up girls. Sad to say, I thought they had a good idea. I would crash weddings, say at the Hilton, for the food and cake. Since I wanted to get married some day, I decided not to do this. I love bridal and bridesmaid gowns.

No. 9 is Terminator 2:Judgment Day from TriStar. This movie made $204,843,345 in 1991. This is the best of the terminator series. I am sure I voted for the Governator just because of this movie. Did you know he is like 63 now? Sad to see this series without a movie studio to support it, although I wonder where they would go next. “Mom” will be on Chuck this season on NBC.

No.10 is Gladiator from Dreamworks in 2000. This movie brought in $187,705,427. I think the Gladiator revolt is mythical, although there are several famous slave revolts in Rome that the movie closely follows. Did you know that Rome fed the lower class for free?

No. 11 is Pretty Woman from Disney. This movie, about a cute hooker, is one of Disney's highest grossing films. It came out in 1990 and has made $178,406,268. Disney doesn't make them like this any more.

No. 12 is There's Something About Mary from Fox in 1998. This movie has taken in many men and $176,484, 651. Mary is sure strange.

No. 13 is Air Force One from 1997 from Sony. It has made $172,956,409 and should make more in my opinion. This is a action movie involving the President, his family and terrorists. My one regret is that the Vice President never had any scenes with the President. Well, you can't have everything I guess.

No. 14 is Rain Man from MGM in 1988. This movie made $172,825,435. That's a lot of money, but not enough to keep MGM out of bankruptcy, along with my James Bond movies. If you are a billionaire (especially an United Kingdom one) please bail them out.

No. 15 (are you ready?) is The Matrix from 1999. This movie was made by Warner Brothers and has spawned a number of squeals. The original matrix has earned $171,479,930. I think it is respectable to be behind Air Force One, but should Rain Man be higher than The Matrix? If you think not, you know what to do; get out there and buy Matrix Blue Ray DVD.

This is the end of the list for “R” rated movies. Did you find ones on this list that you were expecting? In my case, not too many. How about you?

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