"The Bachelorette" Facts About Justin "Rated R" Rego's Scandal

Scandal about"The Bachelorette" contestant, Justin, known as "Rated R." What Justin's girlfriend say in her interview of "The Bachelorette" contestant?

What is up with "The Bachelorette" 2010 Contestant, Justin "Rated R" Rego and the scandal brewing? Justin, a 26 year-old from Toronto, Canada is the guy on crutches who told Ali he engages in entertainment wrestling.  Justin goes by the moniker of "Rated R" and made no secret of that the moment "The Bachelorette" began.  What are some real facts about what's to take place with Justin "Rated R" Rego's scandal in the upcoming episodes of "The Bachelorette"?

Spoilers out for season 6 have all indicated "Rated R" is at the heart of the scandal which will soon surface in weeks to come on the show.  Is it all a game plan by ABC, or is this for real?  A phone call is all part of the scandal in "The Bachelorette" when Ali discovers from a former fellow "Bachelor" contestant that he has a girlfriend back home.  It's not just one girlfriend, but two.

Justin's girlfriend back home, Kimberly Kerekes, interviewed with RadarOnline.com in an effort to speak her mind on what her "Rated R" boyfriend has been up to.  It's a complicated scenario, but basically Kimberly discovered her "Rated R" boyfriend had another woman on the side after she was contacted by this woman.  It was bad enough he was leaving to film "The Bachelorette," but for her to learn he was more than friends with another woman, was enough to make her blow him out of the water.   

As Ali struggles to trust men on "The Bachelorette," along comes this scandal.  It's not uncommon anymore for someone on the show to have a significant other back home.  Contestant Justin “Rated R“ Rego has been rumored to be the one who upsets Ali by hiding the truth about his true intentions.  Ironically, it was "Rated R" that was voted by other cast members during the first episode as the contestant who wasn't on the show for the right reasons. Ali didn't believe that, but it seems the other men were looking out for her afterall.

Justin's girlfriend, Kimberly, claims she and Justin dated for about 3 months.  They met through a mutual friend and spent Valentine's Day together this year.  She tells RadarOnline that she supported her boyfriend's decision to be on "The Bachelorette" to enhance his career goals.

“I agreed to keep dating him because he told me it was to launch his career and it had nothing to do with actually falling in love,” Kimberly told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Obviously, Kimberly had no idea he was dating another woman named Jessica Spillas until Jessica called her to learn more about her relationship with "Rated R."   According to Kimberly, she and Jessica discussed timelines, dates and other details before arriving to the conclusion they were both dating Justin Rego.  As a result, Jessica made a phone call to ABC announcing she was Justin Rego's girlfriend after realizing Kimberly was the other woman.  Complicated?  Maybe just a little.  ABC's loving this.  Absolutely.  Do I hear record ratings in the works again? 

Of course, this news has already been splashed all over the internet by reality tv blog superior, Reality Steve. This is where a former "Bachelor" contestant will cameo in "The Bachelorette" 2010.  

Will Justin "Rated R" Rego stick around long with this huge scandal in the works for "The Bachelorette"?  According to Reality Steve, Justin makes it to the final seven, so we have a while yet before it's played on screen. This all happens in Turkey and that's when Justin is sent home by Ali after she received a phone call from Jessica.  "Bachelorette" scandal of the season - poor Ali.

“I did not know he had a girlfriend,” Kimberly told RadarOnline. “I thought I was his one and only.” Sharing details about "Rated R" being on "The Bachelorette", Kimberly continued, “he was under contract not to have another girlfriend so why would I think he would be with anyone other than me?”

What's disheartening, is Kimberly revealed Justin said derogatory things about Ali before he went on "The Bachelorette," by saying, “He told me that she really wasn’t his type and he actually said that she was kind of rude at the beginning of the show.”

About their Valentine's Day together, Kimberly said about Justin, “He bought me a dozen red roses which I though was really romantic."

“He called me his girlfriend,” she told RadarOnline.com, sure their relationship would last through "The Bachelorette."

She thought Justin was a nice guy, “He said he was falling in love with me.  He always wanted to make everyone think that he was the nice guy and really cared.”

According to RadarOnline, since the scandal on "The Bachelorette," Justin "Rated R" Rego has, in fact, tried reaching Kimberly to apologize.  What about Jessica?  Don't leave her out, "Rated R"!

Source:  RadarOnline.com



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