"The Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Leaked "Bachelor" 15 Contestants for Brad Womack

"The Bachelor" 2011 contestants for season 15. See a partial list of "Bachelor" cast ready to compete for Brad Womack.

"The Bachelor" 2011 contestants have begun to surface, as sleuthed by Reality Steve. A partial list of cast names has been leaked and the details are here for Brad Womack's season 15. We can't get enough scoops on what the contestant list will look like.  This is very basic, but it's a start!

Brad Womack will have his pick of 30 contestants in the 2011 "Bachelor" season.  Six of the women known to already be taping the show are named here with a brief bio.


List of "Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Kimberly Coon

Kimberly Coon is a marketing coordinator in Charlotte, North Carolina who went to the University of Miami and got her undergraduate degree.  Her Masters was earned at the University of Alabama. In 2009, Kimberly was cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers cheerleader.  Impressive!

"Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Jackie Gordon

Jackie Gordon resides in New York City but is from Rhode Island.  Her work focuses on special needs children in NYC's Upper West side. Apparently Jackie likes art because she has a website under construction called  www.jackiegordonart.com. currently under construction.  She's not the same artist as Jacqueline Gordon, who is a famous artist.  The two are totally different people, in case you search her name on the web.

"Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Ashley Spivey

Not much is known about Ashley Spivey at this time, but she lives in New York City and works as a nanny.  She hails from North Carolina and is 25 years-old.

"Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Jill Ruskowski

Jill Ruskowski is a 28 year-old who was born in Chicago but resides in McKinney, Texas.  She works at El Dorado Country Club in McKinney. The bachelorette was a volleyball player at the University of North Texas. In "The Bachelor" spoiler details, it doesn't sound like Jill sticks around very long.

"Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Lindsay Hill

Lindsay Hill worked as a first grade teacher at Allen Elementary School in Frisco, Texas until she decided to hang it up and go for being a "Bachelor" contestant.  Her degree is in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas.  The teaching position was her starter job.  Hopefully she'll have a job to go back to if Brad Womack doesn't pick her to be his wife.

"Bachelor" 2011 Contestants - Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard will have the most touching and possible famous story on season 15.  She's 24 years-old and was associated with a well-known in Hendricks Motor Sports in NASCAR - Ricky Hendricks.  In 2004 Ricky died in a plane crash, which was highly publicized when it happened.  After he died, Emily found out she was pregnant with his child.  She and Ricky were never married.  She's now a single mother to a five year-old daughter.  She hails from West Virginia, but lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Learn Facts About Brad Womack of "The Bachelor" Season 15

Those are the early contestant details for "The Bachelor" 2011 season.  ABC won't release the full cast list until December.  It won't be as easy to memorize all 30 names of the ladies competing for Brad Womack's heart!  And we thought 25 was a lot.

Source:  Reality Steve


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