"Survivor: Nicaragua" Chase: Facts About Chase Rice of "Survivor" 21

Learn fascinating facts about contestant, Chase Rice of "Survivor: Nicaragua" season 21.

"Survivor: Nicaragua" is up soon and contestant, Chase Rice has a lot of impressive facts about him that will take him go far.  Maybe just far enough to win the entire show.

Rice is a 24-year-old NASCAR pit crew jackman who is also winner of the John Lotz Award at the University of North Carolina for overcoming the most challenging of circumstances.

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What You May Not Know About Chase Rice

Chase is from Fairview, N.C. and says working on a pit crew is pretty intense as cars cruise in at 50 or 60 miles per hour.  That's not the 24-year-old's only interest. He told Fancast that he writes and sings country music and it's his moving passion. He's been at it a few years and just came out with his first CD titled "Friday Nights and Sunday Mornings."  The CD expresses life in the college years, which he knows so much about.   His inspirations are country artists, Eric Church or Jason Aldean.  He likens his style to the two of them. There's no question Rice will sell an abundance of CDs while being on "Survivor."

Facts About Chase Rice - His Interests

Chase is obviously athletic.  He enjoys working on cars, 4-wheeling, and hunting.  He describes himself as athletic, adventurous, and competitive - the three major traits a "Survivor" contestant needs heading into the game.

The Kind of Person Chase is Will Follow Him in Nicaragua 

One thing Chase is vowing not to do while on "Survivor" in Nicaragua is to be deceptive.  Not even a million dollars is worth changing who he is, the North Carolina native insists.  Fans will love Chase Rice for that moral code alone.  Who helped place that foundation within Chase?  When he reveals that his father gave him "more in 22 years than most people get in a lifetime," that answers it.

"He was always there for me no matter what, " Rice told TV Grapevine.

A for certain thing Chase won't put up with from his "Survivor" La Flor tribe is laziness from anyone. Slackers who don't pitch in is his pet peeve.

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What Chase Rice Would Do with the Million Dollar Prize

If Chase wins "Survivor: Nicaragua", he plans to move to Nashville in his pursuit of a country music career.  It's important for him to make it in the music industry, even if it's tough one to say the least. 

Evident facts about Chase Rice unveil a man of great confidence and accomplishment.  Know that if he takes home the million dollar prize, we will see his name in lights as a singer. 

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