Netflix DVD Rentals and How to Get the Most from Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix a subscription service offering DVD rental and streaming movies.
Many of us now have big screen TVs and surround sound stereo systems which makes watching movies a real pleasure at home. With Netflix you can have movies sent to you in the mail or choose to stream them to watch instantly over the internet directly on your computer or television. To take full advantage of Netflix you will need a Netflix ready device. They sell various devices on their site, but if you already have one of these devices you will need to request an activation disc. You can also hook up a desktop or laptop computer to your system in order to access Netflix online.

The first thing to do of course would be to subscribe to the service and choose a plan. They have 10 different plans to choose from at different price points. There are 8 plans that are called unlimited and range from $8.99 a month to $47.99 a month. All of the unlimited plans let you watch their over 17,000 movies that are in the watch instantly streaming format, and then you can exchange DVDs for an unlimited number of times during the month. The different price points are just the difference in the number of DVDs that you can exchange at one time.  There are two limited plans. One is for $4.99 a month which allows you 2 DVD exchanges per month and 2 hours of the watch instantly service. For $7.99 a month you get online access to the Starz and Starz live unlimited service and no DVD exchanges.

After you have chosen one of the unlimited plans, you will be able to watch movies instantly on either your computer monitor or your television. Ordering your DVDs through the mail is a simple process by which you set up the movies you want to view on a queue, and each time you return one a new one will be sent to you from the queue. You can update your queue at any time.

The easiest set up for attaching your computer or Netflix device is using an HDMI cable. This way both sound and video are transmitted over one cable. Many computers and laptops don't have HDMI connections. You will need to look at ways to connect your laptop and sound to your system. On mine I just connect the computer as if I'm using a monitor and then connect the sound through the headphone jack. You can purchase RCA speaker connections that will plug into the single jack for the headphones.

When you go on vacation, Netflix makes it very easy for you to put your account on hold. No need to make a phone call. Just go to your account on their website, and under your account information you will see a link to do this. You can specify the dates to put your subscription on hold. They will allow anywhere from 7 up to 90 days for the hold to be effective. You are, however, required to return any DVDs that you currently have.

I have decided to cancel my premium stations that I get through my cable company. Each year the cable company has raised my rate and Netflix has never changed my rate, but they have added new services such as the watch instantly feature. I like that. I think we should all reward companies that offer good services with our business and find ways to cancel the companies that think they can continue to raise their prices and don't improve their services. If you are using Netflix, be sure to take full advantage of their service.


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