Movie Trivia: Casting Changes in Popular Drama Movies

Interesting trivia regarding some of the most popular drama movies are the various casting changes that happened for the lead roles. This article lists these instances including the specific drama movie, the role, and the casting change.

When a movie gets in production, usually the producers, directors or the writers of the movie already have a cast or at least an actor or actress for the lead role in mind. However, there are instances when the intended cast members don’t go according to plan. A casting change happens for a variety of reasons: salary negotiations that fell apart, scheduling conflicts, interventions from higher management, or even poor relationships with other cast members on board. This article lists those instances from popular drama movies. Keep in mind that this list doesn’t deal with a casting change in the middle of a movie franchise, such as during a sequel. This list primarily talks about originally intended actors and actresses for roles from popular drama movies that, for reasons that will be discussed, eventually went to other actors and actresses. The list below discusses the popular drama movie, the role involved, and the casting change.

Popular Drama Movie: Forrest Gump (1994)

The Role: Forrest Gump

Original actor: John Travolta

Casting Change: Any movie fan would know of course that the role went to Tom Hanks. Although one can imagine and think that John Travolta would have fit the bill, Tom Hanks nailed the part of the innocent, lovable, and honest Forrest Gump so much that it’s tough to envision Forrest Gump without him. Travolta later admitted to regretting not taking the role that won Hanks an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and SAG Award for Best Actor. Forrest Gump is one of the most popular drama movies of all time. Had it not been for the casting change, would it still have been as popular? We’ll never know.


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Popular Drama Movie: Titanic (1997)

The Role: Rose DeWitt Bukater

Original actor: Gwyneth Paltrow

Casting Change: For the highest grossing drama movie of all time, director James Cameron had originally intended for Gwyneth Paltrow to play the role of Rose; unfortunately, the actress had other plans, reportedly telling the press that the movie wasn’t her “cup of tea.” The role of course went to Kate Winslet, who back then wasn’t yet a popular big name star, despite being a successful actress having won various awards for her roles in critically acclaimed drama movies such as Heavenly Creatures, Sense and Sensibility, and Hamlet. Winslet ultimately won the role with her persistence and dedication. Paltrow went on to play the role of Viola in the movie Shakespeare in Love, which while not as big a hit as Titanic, was nevertheless a commercial success that would boost her career for years to come. Her role even earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress which likely means she has no regrets turning down the role as Rose. Ironically Paltrow’s role as Viola underwent its own casting change as well, having initially been turned down beforehand by Winslet.


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Popular Drama Movie: Fight Club (1999)

The Role: Tyler Durden

Original actor: Russell Crowe

Casting Change: Actor Russell Crowe, whose previous movies back then had been L.A. Confidential and The Quick and the Dead, was originally approached by producer Ross Bell to discuss the role of the charismatic, ambitious, anti-consumerist Tyler Durden. In the later stages however, a more senior producer, Art Linson, came on board, and instead desired to cast hunk actor Brad Pitt, whose recent movie at that time was the box office dud Meet Joe Black. Being the more senior producer, the studio went with Linson’s decision for the role and the casting change pushed through. The movie turned out to be a cultural hit and became one of the most popular and talked-about movies at that time. We may never know how Crowe would have played the role, but in the end, I guess you could say that the casting change paid off.


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Popular Drama Movie: Brokeback Mountain (2005)

The Role: Jack Twist

Original actor: Mark Whalberg

Casting Change: Rapper turned actor Mark Whalberg turned down the role because he was very uncomfortable with the graphic nature of some of the controversial scenes of what was to be a heavily criticized yet commercially successful and popular movie. A few sources also state that Whalberg was influenced by his longtime religious mentor not to accept the role. Jake Gyllenhaal portrayed the role and won a BAFTA award for Best Supporting Actor while being nominated in other major award ceremonies – a casting change that turned out well.


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Popular Drama Movie: The Wrestler (2008)

The Role: Randy "The Ram" Robinson

Original actor: Nicolas Cage

Casting Change: Before actor and former boxer Mickey Rourke was given the lead role, for which he gave a performance that would resurrect his career, the Wrestler had originally been bound for versatile actor Nicolas Cage. However, a month after negotiations, Cage willingly stepped aside after director Darren Aronofsky spoke to him saying that he personally preferred Rourke. As Aronofsky recalled, the casting change was mutual, as Cage was a staunch supporter of Rourke. The role would earn Rourke various Best Actor awards and an Academy Award nomination. The movie ranks at the top of best drama movies of 2008 in several popular publications. Another case of a casting change that went well for both the secondary actor and the studio.

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