MLB 2K11 Video Game Review and Million Dollar Challenge

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Video game baseball is back to video game consoles everywhere with MLB 2k11 facing off against MLB 11 The Show. This year is really a choice between graphics and playability.

Video game baseball is back to video game consoles everywhere with MLB 2k11 facing off against MLB 11 The Show. This year is really a choice between graphics and playability. While MLB 11 The Show provides a better visual representation of the game of baseball I have found a more enjoyable experience smacking line drives in the 2K Sports offering for the 2011 Major League season.

The great thing about MLB 2k11 is the instant update to have current rosters right out of the case with MLB Today. This outstanding feature brings baseball fans a constantly fresh view of their simulations and real life baseball teams, players, and statistics. This tremendous resource keeps track of hot and cold streaks for players and appropriately adjusts the stats to keep the on field play as real as possible.

The pitching controls have been tweaked slightly to be more responsive to the movements of the right thumb stick. Fans of the classic pitching control scheme can choose to simply press and hold the button for each desired pitch for a simpler interface untied to the right stick.

Hitting in MLB 2k11 has been programmed to be very responsive with the right stick. Push forward for a contact swing or back then forward for a power whiff. You may also choose to fight the pitch count by shifting left or right for defensive swings to tire down the hurler on the mound.

There are a million other reasons, or dollars, to pick up 2k Sports' MLB 2k11. The million dollar perfect game challenge begins April 1st to offer all players age 13 and up a chance to compete for the grand prize. Details and terms of the contest are still to be determined.

The updated rosters are somewhat less detailed than the stars of the game but the stances and tendencies of newcomers like Peter Bourjos and Hank Conger of the Angels step into the box just like their real life counterparts. Get your franchise going with the right rosters ready to play the grand game.

Overall the baseball visuals of MLB The Show 11 are alluring but ultimately the slower nature of the presentation, while it can be changed, begins to drag on the player's fatigue at the controller. The more fluid and statistically rich environment of MLB 2k1 brings the heat and lasts for 9 innings every game. Find your favorite today and get out on the field before spring training runs out.



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