How to Watch Television on the Internet

There are many websites that allow for watching televsion via the web. Hulu, ABC, NBC, FOX, USA Network and many others allow for viewing of their shows online.

So you don’t have cable or satellite television, or you simply don’t like to watch all the commercials. Maybe you keep missing your favorite shows and you want to sit back and catch up. There are many websites that allow you to watch your favorite television shows, from network to cable broadcasts. The biggest of which is HULU ( who recently announced a September 2010 IPO to take the company public. You can watch full featured movies as well as your favorite new and older television shows on Hulu. Youtube and offer funny, user submitted videos to watch, a little bit of a break from network television.

You can also watch such greats as NCIS, House, Grey’s Anatomy and other new and older shows as well right at Fancast ( which has started to grow in popularity recently. The networks also have their own shows available for viewing online as well, such as ABC (, NBC (, FOX ( USA Network ( ), The CW ( ) and ABC Family ( ). If you like the very old shows, try visiting Crackle ( for some great entertainment from yesteryear.

You can also watch satellite television without signing up for Direct TV or Dish Network. There is a new technology that allows for satellite signals to be rebroadcast via the web, allowing you to watch satellite channels from around the world, so if you are from one country, living in another and miss your home channels, now you can have them right on your computer. If you simply want to enjoy programming from other countries, this is your chance. To really add to the experience, hook up your computer to your large flat screen or high-def television and watch satellite without the dish, or the high cost.

Some of these websites are ChannelFlix ( ), Beeline TV ( ) and Channel Chooser ( ) to name a few. If you do a search for the terms “watch tv on the Internet” you will come up with hundreds of methods to watch television all without having cable or a satellite bill to pay. Be forewarned, however, the likelihood of you having the ability to watch channels that are local to you are fairly slim. If you want or need local channels (for news, weather updates, etc) then a basic lifeline cable package is still probably a need you will have. However, at least you won’t have to pay for the higher tier subscriptions and still watch all the television you can endure.

One last note on these television websites, at least as to how they relate to United States broadcasters: Most newer shows are posted on the web one week after they originally air. That gives the broadcasters time to replay the show on their network for paid advertisers without competing against free Internet viewings. So if you have to have your fix of the newest shows immediately, you may be disappointed.

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