Folkloric Creature: The Great Horned Jackalope of North America

The Great Horned Jacklope of the American Southwest is an elusive and fokloric creature: but it exists. I seen me one once!

A cross between a hare and an antelope, this rare whimsical antlered creature is rarely seen by sober, upstanding citizens. It is elusive and exceedingly fast when frightened and can be extremely dangerous when cornered or provoked. And purportedly to the lucky few whom have taken one in the hunt claim that they taste just like lobster.

The Jackalope that Didn’t Get Away

Oh yeah, -it looks cute and adorable here. Generally when anyone gets close enough to see one for real it has blood dripping from its sabre-like horrible fangs (airbrushed-out in this image so as not to frighten the gentle reader) and dried remnants of blood & entrails still hanging from its formidable dagger-like antlers. These Jackalope (Lepus-temperamentalus) creatures are deadly, dangerous and never to be trifled with!

headmount jackalope, the horned rabbit of folklore

Image Source

Also called an antelabbit, and a Wyoming thistled hare its existence may have been based upon of all things, an actual disease called “Shope papilloma virus” which causes protuberances of bony or horn-like growths to sprout in various places of the rabbit’s body. Generally, of the rabbit’s skull giving it attributes of other animals not unlike the Chimera. The Chimera was a monstrous creature of Greek Mythology having body parts of various animals, the body of a lioness with a neck & head of goat emerging from the spinal region, and having a tail which cumulates in the head of a venomous viper.

Jacklope X-ing Sign

jackalope X-ing (crossing) road sign

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Some feel that road-crossing signs are warranted although these creature are so rare it is highly unlikely that you would ever see one crossing the road. They are more of a danger on the open prairie where their highly acidic spit erodes the soil forming deep hole that have been incorrectly attributed to the burrows of prairie dogs. Many a cattle rancher can conform these deep holes exist, it is not a fallacy that these jackalopes are a menace to life everywhere.

Shh! Be Verwy, Verwy Qywit!

jackalope stuffed animal, posed over a scenic backdrop of sky and plains

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It could be called a “Wabbawope” (corruption of “Wabbit” and “Antewope”) by cartoon character Elmer Fudd. Elmer, a cartoon character, is the quintessential embodiment of a big game hunter with a child-like demeanor and notable speech impediment, his inability to to pronounce the consonant “R” and substituting it with a “W.” He is definitely the second-best and most memorable Warner Brothers cartoon creations after of course, Bugs Bunny.

Elmer Fudd’s speech impediment was legendary, replacing his R’s with W’s to comedic effect deus ex machinas so as to say such things as quotes from Shakespeare’s Romeo as “Soft, what wight thwough yonduh window bweaks!

Always trying to ‘kiww the wabbit! Kiww the wabbit!’ he was the epitome of unswerving antagonist to the cartoon character and star Bugs Bunny. But Elmer Fudd seriously lacked effective malice to be ever a real threat. He usually just ended up hurting himself and true to cartoon character always reappeared unscathed and uninjured in the very next scene and more resolved than before to ‘git that wascly wabbit!’

Another Rare Sighting of a Jackalope

fuzzy rabbit jackalope posed on log stump

Image Source

Exceedingly shy, potentially dangerous if approached, the legend of the jackalope persists. Many claims of the creature’s habits abound, that they are some unholy interbreeding of a heretofore unnamed or uncatalogued pygmy deer specie, and an equally unclassified form of deranged killer rabbit. People whom have tried to hunt this most elusive of quarry claim that they can mimic human speech and have such abilities as shouting “There he goes! That way!” and other such diversionary tactics designed to throw the hunter’s attentions elsewhere thus allowing for a speedy escape.

Postcard-Worthy Jackalope Image

jackalope postcard

Image Source

Winged Jackalope

winged jackalope (rabbit with antlers and wings)

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A few jackalope have been sighted that have wings, possibly a cross between a true jackalope and a prairie hen or quail. Mostly this anomalous variation of the jackalope tale seems to be concentrated around Wall, South Dakota where they have an abundance of taverns and establishments that serve liquor. This may be an apocryphalic observation but upon studying the case facts, the claim does seem to hold some merit. There are usually whiskey or other liquor bottles to be found in the vicinity of where the claimants purports having sited the creature, although they insist that those bottles are not theirs and were not present when the observation was made.

A Canadian Moosealope, eh?

moose skull with large antlers, -looks like a 'moosealope'

Image Source

There may be some basis for the jackalope in the fossil record, for an entire skeleton of a great horned Moosealope was unearthed recently and is on display. The skeletal body is small and in this image, is concealed entirely behind this massive skull. Having the disambiguation of enormous palmates of horn that resemble those of the moose, this must have been a terrifying site to the early aboriginal inuits of the northern territories as they trekked across the great land bridge that separated Asia from North America. The fact that they tasted like lobster however, prevented them from returning home. And at the current price of around $13.00/lbs. for live lobster, hell yeah I would have stayed in the New World too where the damn things were running around free and available for the taking despite the clear risk to life & limb! I love steamed lobster with melted butter. Jacklope, -it tastes like lobster!


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