Famous Cats in Cartoons and Literature

A brief look at famous cats of cartoons and literature.

The most famous cat in literature is the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. This cat is somewhere between egotistical and obnoxious and his bright shiny teeth would always give way to his presence. He popped in and out of the scenes and the story pages. He always had some great comments and advice for Alice.

The next favorite household comical cat is Garfield. Garfield is a huge orange cat with no love greater than lasagna. He is not a mouse chaser but he is a dreamer of all things great that contain food. His greatest pastime is tormenting the family dog, Odie. He has a teddy bear named Pokie. Jon Davis is the creator of this legendary cat which stole our hearts and left us hungry for more.

Pink Panther brings a memory to many as being one of the famous cartoon cats. His pink capers led him down the road to so many adventures. The music from Henry Mancini playing to the beat of the pink smooth cat led many children to tune in to this comical television series.

Tom of the famous cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, led many children to laugh heartedly on Saturday mornings. Tom, a large gray and white cat, found himself being chased by a bulldog and a mouse to the beat of jazz music.

Sylvester the cat is a cat owned by Warner Brothers. He is part of the Bugs Bunny family. His large claws got him into trouble with Granny while chasing Tweety Bird. 

The world's love of cats has created so many wonderful characters and fictious cats. The cats of literature and cartoons have intriqued us but real life cats keep us as entertained with their antics, personalities, and characteristics. Real life cats have created many characters in the infamous world of fiction, fantasy, and humor.


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