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Maksim Chmerkovskiy discusses Erin Andrews and "DWTS" season 10. What does Maks say about Erin and "Dancing with the Stars"?

Dancing pro, Maksim Chmerkovskiy opens up about Erin Andrews as his "Dancing with the Stars" partner and his view on season 10 so far. had a detailed blog of Mak's thoughts of season 10 "DWTS" and how the rehearsals with Erin are playing out behind-the-scenes.   Erin Andrews and Maks earned a total score of 21 for the cha-cha-cha in the first episode.  In the show's sneak peek into their dance sessions, Maks said Erin doesn't give herself a chance to mess anything up.  She stops what she's doing before he has a chance to judge her moves, which he said is one of the pleasures he gets in training!  What else does Maksim Chmerkovskiy have to say about his partner, Erin and "DWTS" season 10?  All you want to know is here.

Maks on Erin and "DWTS" Season 10 - His Relationship with Erin Andrews

Maks blogs Erin Andrews is definitely nervous and that she has high expectations of her performances.  As she said on the first episode of "Dancing with the Stars," she knows what good dancing looks like and her biggest fear is not dancing as well as she wants to.  Maks blogs,"Erin and I have a difficult relationship — not difficult bad, but difficult funny. We fight about absolutely nothing! We don't know what we fight about. I think next week's package, they're going to include an argument, and I hope they won't because it's awkward to watch people get into a tiff. But our tiffs are literally pointless."

How will their next dance look?  "Our foxtrot is coming along," Maks writes. "We'll see how that goes! I tell Erin that what dancing does, is it takes away your ability to speak. You can't verbally tell people what you're thinking or feeling, so you have to show them - you have to exaggerate your movement. You have to sell your emotions."  Maks said she didn't grasp his angle on that.  "She had zero idea what I was talking about," he blogged.  It wasn't until Erin and Maks saw Alice in Wonderland that it clicked for her.  "When Anne Hathaway's character came on, Erin was like, 'Oh my God! I get it! I have to be like her!'"  Maks continued, "Anne's character exaggerates everything — the way her pinky goes up when she's grabbing a cup, the way she turned her head. In the real world, if you make exaggerated movements like that, people will go, 'OK, you're insane.' But in dancing, you're supposed to be insane!"

Maks on Erin and "DWTS" - What Bothers Him About the Judges

For a dancer with a reputation of being hard on his trainees, Maks feels the "Dancing with the Stars" judges can be too harsh.  "When Bruno told Kate she looked like a shopping cart, she was visibly upset. Who wouldn't be?" he writes. "It's comments like those that shouldn't be said. Len called Erin a 'funky monkey' -  what does that mean? I'm going to assume it's good. We could do without anything that puts people down."  Maks recognizes constructive criticism exists as well. "There were harsh comments that were constructive. Len told Nicole that even though she danced great, he thought there was no substance, her heels were bad, etc.. Bruno and Carrie Ann loved it. Agree or disagree, Len gave her constructive criticism." Maks wishes the judges would cut down on the insulting comments. "Hopefully they can stop doing that," he writes.  Dream on, Maks.  Somehow that has become part of the show's appeal.  Besides, the celebrities on "Dancing with the Stars" once endured harsh rejections before becoming famous.  It's a high probability the judges' comments roll right off their backs.  Then again, everyone has feelings.

Maks on Erin and "DWTS" Season 10 - A Backstage Kink

After each performance on "DWTS," Tom Bergeron directs them backstage to Brooke for an after-dance interview.  It's named the "celebriquarium" and it's there you see all the contestants and their dance partners in the background.  Maks blogs, "I love the celebriquarium. They still have to work out the kinks of what they want us to do in there — sitting, standing or whatever — but I think it's a great interactive feature with the audience."

Maks on Erin and "DWTS" Season 10 - Who He Thinks Should Perform Last Every Week

Thus far, season 10 of "Dancing with the Stars" has its highest ratings.  Maksim thinks one contestant on the show adds mass appeal. "The popularity factor of Pamela Anderson is going to rival anybody else's.  I think we have to put her last in every show because she's a huge draw! I don't know if I'm going to credit her with our success. Our premiere got the highest Monday night ratings for ABC in nine years!"  With Erin Andrews paired with Maks, the mass appeal is even greater.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy has been on "Dancing with the Stars" since the second season.  His past dance partners on "Dancing with the Stars" have included: Tia Carrere, Willa Ford, Laila Ali, Mel B, Misty May-Treanor, Denise Richards, and Debi Mazar.  Erin Andrews makes his tenth season "Dancing with the Stars" partner.  Will Maks and Erin win the mirrorball trophy on season 10 "DWTS"?  With her passion and his ambition, it's an ideal formula for success in competition!

"Dancing with the Stars" airs Monday nights on ABC.

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