DVD Layer Break Not On Cell Boundary

Problem with DVD Layer Break Not On Cell Boundary. Creating DDP images using DVDAfterEdit and Roxio Toast.

When you send in a finished authored DVD-9 video (8.5 GB) to be replicated for retail sale, make sure you send the replicator two DDP images (one for each layer). In several cases, if you send the replicator a Dual-Layer DVD-R you may get the error “Layer break not on cell boundary”. The reason for this error is that Layer 1 of the DVD-Video image does not start with a new Cell. DVD-Video information is formatted into one or more object called Cells. The DVD-Video specifications require that a Cell must be recorded within a single layer. This means that a Cell cannot cross layer. Therefore, on a dual-layer image, the DVD-Video information on Layer 1 must start with a new Cell.

The error “layer break not on cell boundary” means that the Cell is crossing over from Layer 0 to Layer 1 on the Dual-Layer DVD-R.

This problem is caused by the authoring system that created the image. This error has been known to cause playability problems on the replicated discs that you receive. The replicator will usually charge you a hefty amount of money for them to fix this error and create new DDP masters to use for production.

To create DDP masters from the DVD-9 video that you already have, you will need to copy and paste the VIDEO_TS and the AUDIO_TS folders of your DVD on to your computer’s hard drive.

Next, you will need to open the program DVDAfterEdit. It will ask you where the DVD folder you just created is saved on you hard drive. Find the DVD folder in the explorer window and select it. Then, click on the tab “File”, and select “Format/Copy”.

A window will prompt you asking where and what you want the output to be. Simply select “Tape Image”, and save the Tape Image in that same DVD folder you have already created. Then, go to the bottom of the window and select “Start”.

The program will create two new folders in you DVD folder that you created. One will be “layer0”, and the other will be “layer1”.

Next, you will open the application “Roxio Toast” to burn the DDP images that were just created. Make sure you select “Data Disc”, and in the advanced options make sure you select it to burn as a “UDF”. Drag the folder labeled “layer0” into Roxio Toast and burn it on to a DVD-5 (4.7 GB). It is important to note that you must use a DVD-5 (DVD-R), and not a Dual-Layer disc.

Then, repeat the previous step and burn “layer1” as a “Data Disc”. Make sure you burn it as a “UDF”, and that you are using a DVD-5 and not a DVD-9.

After following these steps, you will have successfully fixed an issue with the layer break that you have had, and saved money by doing it yourself.


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