Chase "Survivor: Nicaragua" - Inside Facts About Chase Rice of "Survivor" as Award Winning Student

Chase Rice of "Survivor: Nicaragua" won a prestigious college award in 2009. Learn facts about John Lotz Award Chase won before joining cast of "Survivor."

We've seen Chase Rice on "Survivor: Nicaragua" and know he must have some inside facts about we haven't heard about.  Do you know Chase Rice is the prestigious winner of the coveted John Lotz Award from the University of North Carolina?  It's an award given to college students who distinguish themselves "on and off the field."  When you see Chase on "Survivor," it's easy to see why he will be one heck of a guy to have on your team in Nicaragua.

Inside Facts About Chase Rice - What John Lotz Award Represents

If you internet search Chase Rice and his bios as a "Survivor: Nicaragua" castaway, you will see the same description about Rice.  When the John Lotz Award is acknowledged, it reads an award earned by college students who have "overcome adverse circumstances."  While the "circumstances" of Chase isn't openly explained, the award is and here you can learn a little more.

John Lotz Award Reserved for College Students Who are Role Models

First of all, who is John Lotz?  The late John Lotz served as the University of North Carolina's (UNC) Assistant Athletic Director of Campus and Community Relations.  Lotz was also the university's assistant basketball coach for the Tar Heels. His spirit was one of inspiration to students and athletes alike, garnering great respect.

In 2009, Chase was presented with the John Lotz Award by Vicki Lotz, the late John Lotz's wife.  Chase was recognized for most representing what Mr. Lotz stood for at UNC.  Chase was the student-athlete who succeeded most for facing a plethora of difficulties while sustaining a positive attitude.  The "Survivor" contestant won the award while being a senior on the football team. In addition to that, he was majoring in management and society.

Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, the man who made his way on "Survivor: Nicaragua," resides in Fairview, North Carolina.

A Little More About Chase Before "Survivor: Nicaragua" Entered the Picture

Before Chase entered the UNC, he was a powerhouse in high school as well.  Not surprising, right?  He attended Reynolds High School and helped the team there win the 2002 state title.  Way to go, Chase!

Chase is the one to watch in season 21 of "Survivor: Nicaragua."  If he wins the million dollar prize, his dream is to hit Nashville and pursue his dream in country music.  Multi-talented is the word for Chase Rice.  He's a NASCAR pit crew jackman in addition to writing and singing country songs. 

Chase hasn't done bad in life.  John Lotz would be proud to see this man become who he is.  He won an impressive student award in 2009, but he may be up for winning another big award on "Survivor."  How will Chase do in Nicaragua?

We like stories like his and will root for Chase to win the show and be a big country music star.

Read even more facts about Chase Rice here

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Sources:  Carolina Tar Heels

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